So you took your dog to puppy pre-school and graduated with flying forward 6-8 months your dog is counter surfing, barking at the neighbours, jumping on guests or "taking you" for the daily walk. You're at your wits end, your nice well behaved puppy has turned into a bin diving disaster.

Unfortunately training your dog doesn't end at puppy preschool, it is an on going process through out the life of the dog.

What is Force Free Training?

"Positive Reinforcement Training", "Reward Based Training", "Force Free Training" and "Clicker Training" are all terms for training that focuses on teaching and rewarding desired behaviour and managing but not punishing undesired behaviour. Dogs taught positively still have rules and boundaries! The difference is the way that the rules are taught and enforced.

 Over the last couple of years concept training has been making big waves in the world of positive dog training.  What is concept training? How does it differ from the familiar force free dog training methods?

Concept training, doesn't train for specific responses to specific situations. It trains broad concepts that encourage dogs to make the ‘right’ decisions when faced with with whatever life throws their way.