Why don't you offer discounts if I supply my dogs food.

My dog is only staying for one night or less than 24hrs, why am I being charged for two days?

Why do you charge per day and not night?

Do you accept un-desexed pets or pets in season?

Will my dog get a bath?

We understand, that many pets have special dietary requirements and requests. You are welcome to bring their special diets with them, but ask that wet food is packed into daily portions and clearly labeled. We  do not offer a discount if you do supply your own food as it often more involved to feed a specialised diet rather than our premium food and unlike other kennels do not charge "Corkage" for you supplying your dogs food.

We charge per calendar day, the day of arrival and the day of departure.  So, even though your pet is only staying for one night, he/she will be charged for two days.

Good question! Difficult to answer!  In a nutshell, our guests are far more labour intensive during the day. Also, unlike hotels who only allow you to arrive in the afternoon and leave by 10 am in the morning we give you the choice of either time slots for pick up and drop off and don't charge you a late check out fee if you choose the afternoon time slot.

We do accept un-desexed dogs.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept females who are in season (for obvious reasons). It is the responsibility of the owner/s of the entire female to notify Ivory Creek Pet Retreat  of their females' cycle. If the female comes into season during a stay with us we may have to seek alternative lodgings for the pet at additional costs.

All dogs that stay longer than five days receive a complimentary bath. If your dog is not staying for 5 days you are welcome to request a bath & we can add a charge.