Does you dog enjoy a good walk? 

We offer photographed walks with your fur-friend along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. 

The rail trail starts at Wulkuraka Station in Ipswich and then continues to Fernvale, before looping westwards to Lowood and then continuing north to Coominya, Esk, Toogoolawah, Moore, Linville, Benarkin, and Blackbutt before finally arriving in Yarraman. Of course, we wouldn’t be doing the whole trail but there are many places where the trail comes through towns and a number of pick up/drop off spots along its length. 

Ivory Creek Pet Retreat is situated just out of Toogoolawah so we can head either to Esk or Harlin for our walks or take a quick trip in the van to Benarkin to follow the rail trail through the state forest.

$33 for a half hour Toogoolawah-Esk, Toogoolawah-Harlin walk with photos, $48.50 for the Bernarkin State Forest walk.

$37.50 for a 45-minute Toogoolawah-Esk, Toogoolawah-Harlin walk with photos, $55 for the Bernarkin State Forest walk.

$44 for an hour Toogoolawah-Esk, Toogoolawah-Harlin walk with photos, $59.50 for the Bernarkin State Forest walk.

Additional dog (same household) $5.50 per walk.

…no more than 2 like-minded dogs per walker.


In summer the walks are sunrise walks to beat the heat. During the cooler months of the year the walks can be spread out through out the day.