PLEASE NOTE as of 1st July 2021

Our prices have gone up a minimum of 10% to cover GST. 


Why doggy daycare?

Daycare is more than just a place to leave your dog when you go out.

At Ivory Creek Pet Retreat the dogs get:

  • one-on-one attention from the staff,
  • a wide variety of enrichment activities from obstacle courses to the scent garden,
  • safe & structured off leash play time with other like minded dogs,
  • quiet time to recharge their batteries and to prevent over stimulation.

Reasons for sending you dog to doggy daycare

  • Socialisation
  • exercise & energy release
  • enrichment
  • structure & routine
  • peace of mind knowing your dog is safe
  • can help relieve separation anxiety

Half  Day.                     $22

Casual Daycare.    $33 per day

5 day multi-pass.*          $137.50 

10 day multi-pass.*        $220

* multi passes have a 30 week expiry

Please note.

Dog daycare is best suited for dogs who already enjoy dog-to-dog socialisation. 

All dogs require an assessment prior to attending our daycare .

We cater to dogs and puppies of all ages*

If your dog has had any negative experiences, can become overwhelmed in social situations, responds negatively to new friends, or has had a limited socialisation history, it may not be appropriate for group play daycare. 

 We are happy to work with dogs that suffer anxiety, please contact us for further information and pricing.

(* as soon as your puppy has had their C5 injection, they are welcome to start attending. This can be anywhere between 10-16 weeks depending on your vet's schedule).