Booking information

We recommend you make your bookings well in advance of your holiday to ensure availability, especially if you are going to take advantage of our pick up and drop off service. Full payment for the time your pet will be staying for is required when you drop your pet off.

An agreed drop off time/pick up time is to be made within our open hours and we appreciate it if you can stick as close as possible to the agreed time; however, if you need to change your arrangement please call at least an hour prior so we are aware of potential clashes. 

Our drop off/pickup hours are -

Monday to Friday        8:00am to 10am      OR      3:00pm to 5:00pm

Saturday               8:00am to 10am

Sunday             4:00pm to 5:00pm

PLEASE nominate an exact time on your booking form within these open hours. This is no different than if you are making an appointment with the GP, hairdresser, accountant etc. This allows us to have one customer arrive at a time so that we can provide your pet with the right amount of attention - especially if it is a first timer.  If you are early there are a couple coffee shops and pubs in Toogoolawah, stop by one of these local shops, enjoy a coffee and friendly chat until your appointment time. 

We take our guests on lots of farm walks, and if we aren’t expecting anyone to arrive we may not be at the kennels and out and about on the farm walking dogs. I also may be in the middle of grooming - between customers I often slot in dog washes and/or grooming, & I wouldn't want to be half way though one when you arrive leaving a poor fur-baby stuck in the bath.

Making a drop off appointment time also allows us to schedule our day, ensuring everyone's pets are getting the right amount of attention, ensuring our general cleaning duties are up to date which provides your animals with a comfortable environment to stay, allows us to answer all your calls and emails, process future bookings and run the business as well as maintain the kennels and walking tracks.

We ask that you keep in mind that we are open 7 days a week providing a lot of flexibility to our clients - should you need to make other arrangements outside our opening hours we are happy to discuss alternative options.

Please remember that dogs are to have a current C5 vaccination and cats are to have a minimum of a F3. You will be given an opportunity to tell us all about your pets, their habits, what they like and don’t like so we can ensure we make their stay with us one they will never forget!